Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Mormon Identity

Joanna Brooks has talked a lot about claiming Mormon identity (two examples here and here.) She believes anyone who wants to call themselves Mormon has a right to, even if they don't fit other's definitions. As a Mormon feminist and intellectual, she believes she has a lot to offer even if her experiences and beliefs are outside the realm of traditional Mormonism. She says That we can claim Mormonism based on belief, heritage, community, etc. We have the right to call ourselves Mormon; no one can give or take that definition.

I've been struggling with guilt over not being a good Mormon. Even though I don't believe in most Mormon teachings anymore, I've been raised to think about being a Mormon woman in a certain way and feel guilty for not fitting it. I've been allowing others to define my Mormonism. I've decided to change that. Mormonism is a large part of my life, and has shaped my life in major ways. And more importantly, no one has the right to define my Mormonism other then myself. Claiming or relinquishing a Mormon definition is my own choice, not anyone else's.

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