Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to Fix the Problem

I spend a lot of time reading the Exponent, FMH and the various Facebook groups attached to them and podcasts like Mormon Stories. See the list at the right. So I'm very aware of the problems within Mormonism. I'm also aware of the problems people face in the US and the world. Often I feel like all I do is vent about problems without being able to solve them. It's so depressing to see pain and injustice and not be able to do anything about it! I know others feel the same way, so I thought I'd share the ways I've found to try to change the problems I see.

So in no particular order...
I'm on the email lists for the National Organization for Women (NOW) and Emily's List. Both send out updates about women's issues in the US and provide links to petitions and ways to contact politicians to express your opinions. It's nice to keep up to date and to express my voice about what's happening.

The Facebook groups for LDS Wave, Feminist Mormon Housewives and Mormon Stories podcast are good places to keep up to date on what's going on and what people are doing about it.

To express opinions within the church, there is Agitating Faithfully, a site that keeps track of Mormons who want women to be given the Priesthood. There is also Latter-day Saints for Change, a new site collecting letters from Mormons expressing their desire for change in the church. There is an email address to submit a letter of your own. The goal is to eventually present these to people in church leadership. I also currently work with LDS WAVE (Women Advocating for Voice and Equality.) check out the website to get involved.

There are a few things happening right now that are interesting. Here's a petition asking that action be taken concerning a rapper whose lyrics encourage rape.

Feminist Mormon Housewives is currently trying to determine temple policies about menstration during baptisms for the dead. There seems to be no pattern to policy and it causes embarressment in young women and shame about a natural process. Here's more info and how to help.

Recently Liz Trotta of Fox News stated that women in the military should "expect to be raped" by the men they are serving with, which is an appaling statement. There is a petition online asking Fox News to take action.

So there are my ideas! Anyone else have any thought about ways to help solve problems?


  1. These are great suggestions! I'm definitely going to check them out. I'm often at a loss at how I can be proactive about changing things which I find wrong in society. And Liz Trotta . . . her remarks were SHOCKING. I still am having trouble processing the absurdity of her comments.

    1. Yeah, I find not being able to do anything beyond frustrating. I really can't deal with it. And Liz Trotta is an idiot.

  2. Thanks for putting these all together! That business with Liz Trotta... It still turns my stomach every time I hear about it, and it's been several days now. That kind of attitude is so much more hurtful when it comes from a woman. Is it because it feels like a betrayal? I don't know but it's awful.

    I'm still working on my letter for Latter-day Saints for Change, and now I need to go check out some of those others, too!

  3. Here's another organization to follow if you're interested.